Friday, November 9, 2012

Stop Sorting Socks

I think the hardest part of doing laundry is being the sock police! You find yourself scratching your head and asking questions like...Where's the match to this one? Did the dryer eat one? Is that a black one or navy one? Do these patterns match? Whose are these anyway? And when all else fails, you throw it in the orphan sock basket that gets sorted and matched every few months. Any part of this sound familiar?

Start keeping it simple and stop losing socks from now on. By giving each member of the family their own mesh bag to keep in or near their hamper for socks you can cut down several minutes of sorting. 

I found these great inexpensive bags that cost only $3.29 each (& free shipping). Just use a  Sharpie marker to write a name on each one. There you have it! Throw the bag in the washer, then in the dryer, then hand the clean bag of socks back to the rightful owner.

Do you have a simple solution for reducing laundry time?

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