Daily Deals

This is a list of sites that deliver an email to my inbox every day.  I have saved a LOT of money with items that I would normally use anyway and am always on the lookout for the next great gift.  It's also nice to get that occasional massage for $29 as well!  Not only do many of these sites give you free money to shop when you sign up, you can also make money to spend on yourself or others by referring friends through your social media outlets.  Not bad!


The pioneer of daily deal sites, Groupon is now in so many cities that the drop-down list of locations is alphabetical by state!  They have a current rewards program where you can unlock more deals at certain spending levels. View Here


This is a fantastic site filled with daily deals for high-end clothing, jewelry, accessories, and more.  Many are from brand name designers.  New sign-ups receive $5.00 and there are tiered referral bonuses.  View Here


This site has an extensive list of cities to choose from, from Albany to Wilkes-Barre!  They also have two ways to save money - a daily deal and a list of everyday deals.  They pay you $10 for every friend you refer who makes a purchase. View Here


Several offers on this site are quite appealing.  They are somewhat in their infancy and don't have as many cities as other sites, but they offer an email sign-up to notify you when your city is listed.  Not to worry, though.  This site also offers daily deals for 1/2 off internet bargains as well.  They pay you $10 for every friend you refer who makes a purchase. View Here


This site extends worldwide with ample city locations.  The unique twist for this site is the ability to earn your daily deal absolutely free if you refer and have 3 friends buy it.  This could mean some major cash back on some of the larger deals!  They also offer some incredible destination group buy deals on LivingSocialEscapes, too. View Here


A great site where you need to be quick!  Every day about noon EST there are 8 products that are listed for sale at an incredible discount.  Shipping is only $2 per item ordered.  The upside are the great prices...the downside is that you need to be poised and ready to click that mouse as the items sell out very quickly.  New members get $10 towards purchase and you get $10 when they do. View Here


This site differs from the others as they offer deals that last a week.  They have two cities (Denver and Phoenix) ready as of 3/7/11, but seem to be growing at a steady pace.  Their current offer for referring friend is a $50 credit for 3 referrals. View Here


A daily deal site that gives back.  This newer site is currently limited in cities, but offers buyers an opportunity to select a local charity and a portion of the purchase helps support the cause.  View Here


Daily deals for children! They help Moms find the best sites and get great deals on the latest styles and trends for your little ones.  Get $5 for every friend you refer who makes a purchase.  View Here

Gilt City

Both national and deals in major cities.  Fun items that are occasionally free discount coupons to online retailers.  Receive 20% off per purchase for referring a friend.  Your friend will also receive 20% off their first purchase.  View Here


Daily boutiques of awesome designer clothes, accessories, jewelry and much more.  A very addicting site! If you buy a lot here shipping can be very economical - $9.95 for 30 days! Friend and/or Facebook & Twitter referrals earn you $10 credit towards your purchases (which I promise you will use).  View Here


This has got to be one of my favorites since I've done the most financial damage - but hey - I have purchased about 5 Christmas gifts at awesome savings.  A unique offering of daily boutiques -- not so many that you can't wade through them all though.  You are given 20 "peeqs" a day (maybe it's 40 now...that's what I'm up to) to look at some amazing prices on very unique stuff.  Everyone needs stuff.  You earn badges here for silly things like...uh...peequing!  Or you can earn up to $100 for referring friends.  They get a starter amount for a free item when they join (mine was a cool bracelet).  View here


A Canadian company that offers upscale and unique furnishings at deeply discounted prices.  Their goal is "to help members discover new products that inspire them and intrigue their personal taste."  I just love window shopping on this site and have made a few purchases for items that fit beautifully in my decor.  Rewards for purchases and referrals.  Your friend earns $10 off their first purchase, and you will earn $15 when they make their first purchase. View Here

Send the Trend

As the name describes, a daily deal site that follow trends from several eras.  They ask you questions to get to know your style and recommendations are made based on your needs.  3 ways to earn credits on this site -- invite a friend, you each get $10, promote your My Style page for a $10 credit when someone purchases or a $3 credit when someone registers, and 3) share a product via social media and earn $5 when someone purchases.  Not a bad deal! View Here